Each flock’s level of activity as compared with the previous days’ average (2021-09-16)

Top 5 most active flocks (based on p_score) and top words in their tweets (2021-09-16)

Finance Reporters:

[people, china, year, market, time, uk, years, world, sales, back, bank, prices, big, business, inflation, global, fed, retail, today, good]

The Literary World:

[book, read, love, poetry, books, people, time, reading, work, 2021, good, today, writing, story, day, great, join, years, longlist, author]


[game, time, good, games, people, love, live, make, back, work, day, today, video, hey, lol, play, years, check, xbox, yeah]

Bitcoin Traders:

[bitcoin, people, #bitcoin, crypto, time, good, make, money, today, back, market, live, nft, eth, years, work, long, world, lol, day]

Black Academics:

[people, book, history, black, work, today, time, american, students, good, read, years, love, make, white, great, day, year, back, job]

2021-09-16 events

Covid-19: Biden Descreases Antibody Treatments Sent to FL:

Rally in Support of Jan. 6th Defendants:

California Recall Election:

Democratic Attorney Indicted in Investigation of Russia Probe:

General Milley, Secret Calls to Chinese Counterpart:

Moderate Democrats Oppose Plan to Lower Drug Prices:

FBI Criticism of Larry Nassar, Kavanaugh Investigations: