Each flock’s level of activity as compared with the previous days’ average (2021-07-12)

Top 5 most active flocks (based on p_score) and top words in their tweets (2021-07-12)

MENA (Middle East North Africa):

[people, years, state, israel, rights, israeli, jarrar, time, government, today, human, palestinian, security, egypt, 15, 2020, country, england, political, suha]

TV News:

[people, president, covid19, state, police, biden, week, england, time, vaccine, trump, monday, today, cuba, back, dm, years, texas, officials, space]

Conservative Media:

[people, cuba, freedom, biden, cuban, trump, america, time, american, communist, democrats, good, cubans, protests, president, state, regime, government, americans, today]

Men’s Self Help:

[people, time, life, good, make, day, work, love, women, things, back, great, money, world, years, lol, today, feel, shit, give]


[time, game, good, people, love, buy, games, #ad, make, video, back, work, today, watch, years, lot, week, team, live, great]

2021-07-12 events

Calls for Freedom and Democracy in Cuba:

Controversy over Texas Voting Restrictions:

English Soccer Player Attacked with Racist Comments:

Michigan Election Case:

Critical Race Theory:

Coronavirus: Delta Variant: