Each flock’s level of activity as compared with the previous days’ average (2021-09-09)

Top 5 most active flocks (based on p_score) and top words in their tweets (2021-09-09)

Conservative Media:

[biden, people, vaccine, president, americans, joe, vaccinated, covid, time, government, afghanistan, trump, mandate, white, taliban, federal, today, state, good, mandates]

Public Health:

[health, people, covid19, covid, vaccine, biden, vaccines, #covid19, work, pandemic, plan, today, drug, time, patients, public, vaccination, vaccinated, make, testing]


[game, time, people, games, good, trailer, #playstationshowcase, playstation, god, today, back, matrix, ps5, love, make, team, coming, day, video, live]

Finance Reporters:

[people, time, ecb, fed, market, today, inflation, year, uk, years, good, china, bank, day, back, prices, biden, policy, president, pandemic]

Venture Capitalists & Entrepreneurs:

[people, facebook, glasses, good, time, today, work, great, make, day, years, apple, year, team, big, data, things, future, smart, back]

2021-09-09 events

Covid-19: Extensive Vaccine Mandate:

Texas Abortion band:

California Recall Election:

Biden Removes Trump Appointees from Military Advisory Boards:

Robert E. Lee Statue Removed: