How do we do this?

The elite sphere and the flocks were computed from the Twitter following graph. The flocks were last computed in August 2019. Since then, every night at 2am, we download the tweets from the 1000 accounts in each of the 24 flocks.

Then, we identify the main events by algorithmically studying those tweets and identifying inclusion terms for those events. These inclusion terms are essential; they define which tweets are talking about an event and which tweets are not.

When you click on “Events” in the right panel, the inclusion words are listed for each event. These inclusion terms are hand curated by our team using analytical techniques applied to the word co-occurrence graph.

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If you are interested in the data, you can click on the “Data” page. It will download the TF-IDF of the words that appear more than 10 times in each flock.

The interpretation of each flock based on their profile description

The top 50 representative accounts of each flock

Search for your flock: National Political Journalists, Christian Constitutionalists, #UniteBlue, #MAGA, White Nationalists, Comedians, MENA (Middle East North Africa), Conservative Media, Tea Party Conservatives, Economists, The Literary World, Venture Capitalists & Entrepreneurs, #Resistance, Black Academics, Black Activists and Authors, Finance Reporters, Bitcoin Traders, TV News, Center Progressives, Public Health, Political Scientistis, Streamers, Men’s Self Help, Bernie Bros

All the 59 seed Twitter handles

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