Each flock’s level of activity as compared with the previous days’ average (2021-09-27)

Top 5 most active flocks (based on p_score) and top words in their tweets (2021-09-27)

Finance Reporters:

[fed, people, market, time, uk, inflation, week, good, china, prices, president, year, today, trading, big, years, bank, debt, energy, crisis]


[people, work, good, paper, time, policy, great, data, make, public, research, health, years, students, today, economic, economics, job, join, women]

The Literary World:

[book, read, love, people, time, today, books, good, week, reading, story, join, work, writing, life, years, day, great, world, year]

TV News:

[covid19, biden, people, kelly, president, week, booster, shot, monday, time, years, dm, vaccine, assistance, found, today, year, watch, federal, government]

MENA (Middle East North Africa):

[people, today, israel, #savealaa, iran, political, state, syria, time, president, rights, government, party, iraq, world, years, #on, read, palestinian, year]

2021-09-27 events

Coronavirus: Booster Shots:

Border Patrol:

Arizona Election Audit:

Infrastructure Bill:

R. Kelly found guilty of sex trafficking: