Each flock’s level of activity as compared with the previous days’ average (2021-08-18)

Top 5 most active flocks (based on p_score) and top words in their tweets (2021-08-18)

Conservative Media:

[biden, afghanistan, taliban, people, americans, president, joe, trump, afghan, kabul, american, airport, time, state, america, covid, back, days, media, good]

MENA (Middle East North Africa):

[taliban, afghanistan, afghan, people, kabul, #afghanistan, president, airport, afghans, women, years, military, country, today, government, time, #taliban, israel, world, biden]

TV News:

[afghanistan, taliban, biden, covid19, people, afghan, kabul, president, airport, booster, vaccine, time, americans, country, covid, officials, shots, delta, women, watch]

Bitcoin Traders:

[people, bitcoin, #bitcoin, crypto, time, good, money, long, make, market, btc, back, today, lol, years, day, world, eth, trading, work]

Men’s Self Help:

[people, time, good, make, life, day, work, world, love, things, money, women, back, great, years, taliban, free, real, thing, lol]

2021-08-18 events

Taliban Seize Afghanistan, Human Rights Concerns:

Covid-19: Disputes Over Mask, Vaccine Mandates: